Dr. Omkar Rai, DG, STPI Launches Made In India UV-C Home & Office Disinfection Device ‘Shuddhi Basket’ by Aristavault

  • ‘Shuddhi Basket’ uses UV-C radiation to kill 99.99% Covid19 germs and other microbes in just 8 minutes

  • 100% handcrafted Made in India product embedded with hi-tech chip system

  • Light-weight, foldable and cost effective

  • Easily rechargeable using USB chargers

  • Magnetic on and off buttons for safe use

  • Comes in two categories - one for office use and the other for household groceries

  • Price starts from Rs. 2999

The COVID-19 spread has forced a rethink in hygiene standards. The demand for personal and work space hygiene is rising due to the growing awareness among consumers in the wake of the pandemic. To cater to this increasing demand, Aristavault has launched the new UV-C disinfection device, ‘Shuddhi Basket’, which uses UV-C radiation technology to kill 99.99% germs in just 8 minutes. This has been validated to effectively inactivate SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.  

The device is inspired from the previously launched Shuddhi Box, an award winning product for its efficiency in killing Covid 19 germs from daily gadgets like mobile phones. Praised by the Government of India, Aristavault has now created the bigger version, ‘Shuddhi Basket’ which comes in two categories - one for office use and the other for household groceries. It is compatible with disinfecting office equipment like files, laptops, mobile phones, cash bags etc at the office and can also be used to disinfect groceries, vegetables, fruits and other things purchased from markets. The UV-C exposure also helps in keeping the fruits and vegetables fresh for longer periods. The system is easy to use, light weighted, foldable & easy to carry.

The product was launched by Dr.Omkar Rai, Director General at STPI. He said, ‘As the name suggests, ‘Shuddhi’ meaning purification, the innovation fits right to the urgent need in this current  pandemic scenario. It is a bold attempt to boost the fight against coronavirus. The idea of installation of UV calibrated lamps and clean room technology inside a jute chamber is simply impressive.’

This inexpensive biodegradable environment friendly solution is designed and manufactured in India. The product is another step in the company’s support to the government’s call for ‘Vocal for local’. It is embedded with a hi-tech chip system and made from Jute fiber which is promoting Indian handicraft industry and generating employment within the country in these hard times.  

Commenting on the launch, Purvi Roy, CEO & Founder, Aristavault said that, “Adhering to the current panic situation due to uncontainable spread of the contagious virus, we have noted a constant fear in people regarding disinfection. To ease this, we have leveraged our experience of developing Shuddhi Box which was made to disinfect small daily use products to create a bigger version, ‘Shuddhi Basket’ for homes and offices use. Also with the festive season arriving, this will be very useful in disinfecting the festive shopping items, keeping the virus at bay and bringing just happiness to your home.”